Saturday, June 22, 2013

Art in the garden - glass totem

I've seen many of these glass garden sculptures or "garden totems" as they are called in local art fairs and I just had to create one of my own. Decided on a blue and green glass color scheme (favorite of mine).  A cobalt blue glass vase that I've had for years was the starting point.  
Some family and friends would be surprised to learn that I used some of my Coca-Cola glasses.  The bottle green color of the glasses works great with the overall piece.  
I purchased two small glass saucers and a green wine glass from a local thrift store (Goodwill) for under $2.00 total (gotta love that).  Thrift stores are great places to shop for glass sculptures like this.  All other items, including the glass gems and beads, I had around the house and/or studio.  

I used a tube Loctite clear silicone waterproof sealant to glue all of the glass pieces together.  I did this in stages in order to keep it stable.  Started by gluing the cobalt vase to a glass plate and let it dry overnight.  Then each day I added another piece ending up with a wineglass at top.
I really like the strands of glass beads and glass gems for extra bling.  
 Once it was done I let it set for 4 days to completely cure before I brought it outside.  I love how the sun sparkles on the glass.  The sculpture has becomes a focal point in the space.


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