Monday, April 15, 2013

Faux stained glass suncatcher

the inspiration for this project is about two things I am missing the most lately...sun and flowers!

Actually it all started out when I was at Joann Crafts buying items for a class and saw this square acrylic block (normally used with unmounted rubber stamps) in a discount bin for .25 cents!    Good grief, I can't pass that up.

I used a hand held Fiskars drill to drill a hole in one corner.  Then I placed Peel Off Stickers (flower and leaf images) onto the block.   Peel off stickers are laser cut outline images and can be used with most paper crafts and non porous surfaces like glass and plastic. The outlines are great to color in with markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or what I used here...Sakura Glaze Pens.

The raised outline of the stickers holds in the ink from the glaze pens.  Glaze pens have a pigmented ink that flows quickly from the pens and dries to create a stained glass effect.

It works best to place the piece on white background and hold it up  to check to see if you've colored in all of the areas. 
The ink is very fluid and I usually just tap the tip of the pens on the plastic to get it flowing.  You can also add a few colors together and the colors will blend together before drying.
Just a few more details and then I added a ribbon to hang in the window.
and even though we didn't have much sun today...I still like how it looks in the window.

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