Friday, July 13, 2018

Fairy Garden creations

I enjoy fairy gardens and since they've been so popular lately it means there are lots of pieces available to purchase to make your fairy garden unique.  I bought a few pieces but then wanted to try my hand at making some.  These pieces were from a winter project that I finally got around to sealing and putting out in the garden. 

Now as many of you know, fairies really don't need sign posts.  I think the signs are more for us so we know the possible places they are in when not in our gardens.  Here's the sign post I created for my fairy garden.  The sign pieces are made from popsicle sticks and the main post is a square wooden dowel I bought at Michaels. The locations are simply the places that our garden fairies love to visit.

And what would a garden be with some bird houses?  These were made from pieces of wood from a kitchen construction project. Wooden chopsticks were used for the posts.  The roofs are made from pieces of thin craft copper-like metal that I had lying around the studio.  After everything was painted I gave the bird houses and the sign post a few coats of outdoor matt sealer.


The fairy garden pieces are  in a raised bed planter that mainly holds herbs plus other small fairy garden plants.  A few more fairy décor pieces are being planned.  Hope to get them done this year!

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