Thursday, July 28, 2016

stenciled rug

My summer project has been painting/stenciling a rug for our porch. I've been wanting a rug on the porch for some time now but I could never find one in either the size I wanted or the colors I wanted (to match the house).  So, after searching the web on painting rugs, I decided to try painting a rug.    Getting this project done when it wasn't raining or wasn't too humid to paint proved to be a challenge.

Numerous sites mentioned using porch & floor paint so I went with that.  I also read about using Frogtape (a painters tape) to keep the lines crisp.  A foam brush was used for the stencil and a 4 inch roller and brush was used for the larger areas.

I measured the area, did a design sketch, and then started taping. 
I decided to paint the entire area with the lightest color.  I figured this would give me a "blank canvas" to start with.
According to the tape package directions I needed to wait 3 days before applying the tape to newly painted surfaces.  I gave it a few more days due to the humid weather.  Then the fun of laying out the tape began.  I had to figure out which areas to paint first in order to get the tape down correctly.  I double checked the measurements and placement and ended up moving the tape a few times. 
Part one painted! after this was done I waited almost a week until I could apply new tape for the next color.
now the checkerboard pattern is starting to take shape.
the tassels of the rug were handpainted with a small brush. 
now the stenciling starts!  I stenciled all of the cream colored squares first, then waited a week and stenciled the green squares. The stencil is called "starflower" and is made by

Behold the completed rug! I like how it turned out. 
I've read a few places NOT to apply a sealer since it may discolor the paint and make the surface slippery.  Now all I need is to add some chairs, a small table, and an ice cold beverage for a relaxing retreat.


  1. A great project that really brightens up the porch! Great photo progression of the overall project too!

  2. Really nicely done (-:

  3. Kelly, this project turned out so cool! I'd love to try it on my (concrete) front porch. As always, you are an inspiration. Glad we're friends. Beth