Thursday, March 6, 2014

think spring votive candle

It's March but it feels more like January.  My garden is still under feet of snow. I desperately want to see the pink tulips from bulbs I planted last fall but who knows when that will happen.  It seems like boots and sweaters are a permanent part of my wardrobe.  I'm even having a hard time getting into any art project.  yep, it's official.  I have the winter blues.
To try and shake it off I started to clean my studio.  Cleaning my studio is something I do whenever I get "artist's block" and don't know what to work on or how to start a project.  It's also done when the workable space on my table has shrunk down to a tiny area! That happens a lot :-)
When cleaning I generally come across some art supply that give me an idea and before I know it, I'm creating something. 
And the cleaning did the trick. First I uncovered some rolls of washi tape. Washi tape originated from Japan. This tape feels and acts like masking tape - but it's very thin and printed with lots of colors and patterns.  These washi tape rolls were purchased from Artist & Display

Near my table were several boxes of household items that we organizing to give to a local thrift store. I rummaged through and found a small juice glass.  The rest of the set was long gone.  But when I saw this I had an idea to cover it with washi tape.


The juice glass is now a spring inspired glass votive.  I used a border paper punch (Martha Stewart-Garden Rail) to create a paper lace-like trim.  I adhered this to the glass with Scor-pal tape.
and now the only bad thing is I never got around to really cleaning the studio!  Oh well, it'll happen one of these days.  Work stuff is taking priority now but I'm looking forward to the next project...

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