Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Glitter Ornaments

I didn't create this technique but thought it looked so cool I just had to try it.  And it's super easy!  Keep this project in mind if you are looking for quick, inexpensive, handmade ornament gifts.

Here's the supply list: clear glass ornament (the ball shapes are easy to find but I found this neat light bulb shape at JoAnn Crafts), Glossy Accents, water, small container for mixing, and glitter.  Any kind of glitter will work.  I used Martha Stewart glitter - the colors I used for this project were Turquoise and Golden Beryl.

First mix some Glossy Accents and water.  Glossy Accents is a clear dimension gloss medium - also can be used for glue and sealer.  I used about a teaspoon of Glossy Accents to a half teaspoon of water. You just want to thin it down a bit.  After it is mixed take the top off the ornament and pour in the liquid and swirl to coat the entire inside.
After it's coated let it drain out for a few min.  Then pour in glitter and move the ornament around while you are pouring. After that set the ornament aside to dry for about an hour.
While waiting I decided to take alcohol inks and color the silver top of the ornament.  I picked Sailboat Blue and Gold to go with the ornament colors.  To put alcohol ink on an object (not glossy paper or flat surface) wad up the felt and squeeze a lot of ink on the tip of the felt.  Then dab over the surface.  Note - your fingers will get really inky so you may want to wear gloves. 
I took the inked felt and dabbed it around the silver top.  I let this dry.  And when the ornament was dry I replaced the top and hung it on the tree. 
One of the best things about this project is the glitter is on the INSIDE of the ornament and won't rub off!  Cool huh?
Wishing you a sparkley Christmas!

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