Monday, February 25, 2013

Now is the TIME

Finally diving into blogging.  I’ve been talking about starting an art blog for some time now and finally got up the courage to get it going.  Always felt a bit scary to me.  Technology challenges were one part of it.   I’m much more comfortable with ink, gesso, and paper than with pixels, vectors, and keyboard shortcuts.  Thank goodness for my wonderful tech savvy husband who handled the tech part of getting my images arranged for this blog site.   

I am passionate about art and photography.  I’m a mixed media artist that loves creating greeting cards, altered art (especially glass bottles), anything with alcohol inks, making art journals, nature and architectural photography, and basically getting into as much art stuff as I can.    
I always feel better when I spend some time in my studio.  I crave studio time as much as chocolate! For those who know me that’s quite a bit.
I believe art is meant to be shared.  I learn so much by meeting other artists and viewing their work.  Art is just one wonderful way to explore our world.  I am happy to share my art with you.


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  1. Hi Kelly,
    I will enjoy following your blog! you are so creative!